Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Kerala Mural painting- Radha Krishna

Hey all!
 It has been a long time since I put something up! Although I hope to improve in regard to strokes and human features, I'm honestly happy with the outcome. I have learnt that patience and a calm mind are the keys. My first piece in this style (Ganesha) was sold to my beloved friend. Thank you Kaushik!

Radha Krishna, 92 x 92 cm

I appreciate your feedback and comments. If you love it, buy it :p

hugs to all! 


  1. Dearest Teacher Nan

    Impressive..Hakin is looking forward if you were to agree to teach him Art again here in Chennai.We will fetch and sent you if you want to.It will be nice and honoured to buy a painting from you to grace our new home here in Chennai.I may be contacted at 8939662071. Mrs Sha