Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Kerala Mural painting- Radha Krishna

Hey all!
 It has been a long time since I put something up! Although I hope to improve in regard to strokes and human features, I'm honestly happy with the outcome. I have learnt that patience and a calm mind are the keys. My first piece in this style (Ganesha) was sold to my beloved friend. Thank you Kaushik!

Radha Krishna, 92 x 92 cm

I appreciate your feedback and comments. If you love it, buy it :p

hugs to all! 

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Invitaiton for brother's wedding!

I designed the wedding invitation for my brother. After many mock ups and ideas, Bhavya and me settled on this and Ara agreed :p We made some personalized invites too for a few.

It was watercolor edited on Photoshop!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Trays with style!

I made these tanjore painting styled trays for navrathri. Thanks Ramaa Aunty for the idea and trays! (: It is really quick and the gold paper against the dark brown wood is a nice contrast.

Had a sad accident of having a deep cut on my right index finger which had to be stitched. All  my orders are waiting. How important is a hand to a person?? questions answered.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Kerala mural painting!

     I had gone for a 3 day workshop at Dakshinchitra to learn kerala mural painting. We could not bring back a wall painted with the mural, so used a similar technique on canvas using acrylic. Acrylic paints are used like watercolor. But the tones, application of colors and shapes seen are very traditional.
     I had made really cool friends- Prerna, Priyadarshini and Sangita. 3 days were so much fun, chatting and laughing!

Currently I'm working on a similar kind with krishna and radhe. Exciting!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Ramarpattabishekam Tanjore painting!

I would say this is not my best of tanjore paintings.. I wanted to do this painting so badly for amma, for myself and started it 3 years ago. But unfortunately I lost little bit of patience towards the end, that the painting was only a 70% success. I honestly could have done it with much more perfection, something just wanted me to be done with it.

Lesson learnt: Please stop painting when you know its getting bad. Take a walk or watch a movie and get back to it. Don't do anything when you are not putting your heart in it.

The frame and the basic gold paper and colors saved it!

Excuse me for the reflection on the glass

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

NYC baby!

New york was not love at first sight for me. But slowly it grew on me with its beauty hidden everywhere and your interest leads you to those places.. There are SO many things to see- museums, galleries, broadway shows, famous buildings, people performing on the streets, fantastic layout of roads, starbucks every corner, stalls selling hot dogs, gigantic drinks to lovely paintings and photographs, and mainly just people from everywhere walking super fast like they always have busy things to do! 

Amongst all this chaotic beauty lies this HUGE Central park where you find kids playing with their family and dogs, ducks swimming, abundance of greenery, happiness and love in the air! I walked with Amma from Met to meet the others near this castle. We walked amongst traffic and hurrying people and then suddenly we enter this park and we find it so calm and relaxed. Its like you are meditating in Mount road :P

I simply loved this place. I sketched for a bit and made this watercolor painting after my return.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

niagara falls~

Oh my! Niagara falls is seriously a natural beauty which made my jaw drop at the first sight.  The falls is actually in Niagara, USA but the view and beauty is completely stolen by Canada. By just walking over a bridge we entered Canada and got ourselves a treat by seeing the marvel of this humungous waterfall.

This particular watercolor painting of the 'Bridal veil' falls was done after my return to India last month.   

paint your own mug!

May, 2011

I painted on these mugs for my cute little muffins- nephews and nieces. Painted their names and current love.
It takes very little time to make these personalized mugs with ceramic colors. Seeing their faces light up and the big smiles made me feel absolutely superb!!


Hello People!

With this blog I would like to share my art, ideas of painting, some of my old and current works. Hoping to get inspired by the comments and inputs!